ZOLOZ Joins AI Ethics & Governance Body of Knowledge Framework

2024/5/16 14:39:13

SINGAPORE, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 16, ZOLOZ announced its participation in Singapore's AI Ethics & Governance Body of Knowledge (BoK) to collaborate with industry institutions in developing a healthy, robust, and ethical ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence.

The BoK was launched by Singapore Computer Society (SCS) in October 2020, and it was developed based on IMDA's Model AI Governance Framework. The BoK is an industry-led effort to provide a reference document for business leaders, ICT professionals and PMETs on the ethical aspects related to the development and deployment of AI technologies. 

The establishment of ethical guidelines and frameworks for AI is crucial as the technology continues to evolve and become integrated into various aspects of society. According to Gartner, More than 80% of enterprises will have used Generative AI APIs or deployed Generative AI-Enabled applications by 2026.

"ZOLOZ has long been focused on AI security and risk management, and hopes to contribute our accumulated experience and lessons learned from business practices through the BoK framework to promote responsible global AI governance and standardization processes, making trust simple," said Weibin Yao, ZOLOZ's Chief Technology Officer.

ZOLOZ is a global leading technology service provider of AI-powered Digital Identity Verification Solution owned by Ant Digital Technologies. Major e-wallet operators and financial institutions including GCash in the Philippines, TnGD and Maybank in Malaysia, Dana in Indonesia, TrueMoney in Thailand and Mandiri Bank in Indonesia, have been using ZOLOZ's e-KYC (electronic Know-Your-Customer) solutions, collectively serving more than 100 million users across markets in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

On April 16th, ZOLOZ officially launched ZOLOZ Deeper, a comprehensive anti-deepfake product designed to mitigate "AI face-swapping" risks in facial recognition scenarios.

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