Innomix and World Castle Association Pioneer LBMR project at Zhangbi Fortress

2024/5/20 14:03:04

Transforming immersive cultural tourism with Location-Based Mixed Reality

BEIJING, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Innomix and the Zhangbi Fortress in Shanxi have launched an immersive Location-Based Mixed Reality (LBMR) project, with the World Castle Association participating as a strategic partner. The collaboration aims to captivate audiences with its distinctive IP theme, "Oriental Ancient Castle Adventure + The Twenty-Eight Lunar Mansions", delivering an unparalleled immersive experience.

Zhangbi Fortress
Zhangbi Fortress

In 2023, LBMR, a revolutionary offline immersive entertainment experience, cultural tourism. By offering a multi-player, full-sensory virtual reality adventure in expansive spaces, LBMR pushes the boundaries of multidimensional exploration, creating unparalleled, engaging experiences for visitors. An LBMR project focused on the Egyptian pyramids has garnered significant popularity and attention in the market, boasting impressive visitor numbers and substantial revenue and profits.

The application of LBMR in cultural tourism scenarios holds immense potential, igniting diverse expectations for elevating the cultural and entertainment experience to new heights.

LBMR enables dynamic interactions between individuals, virtual characters, and the surrounding environment by seamlessly merging content from three distinct realms: gaming, film & television, and exhibitions. This innovative integration creates a richly immersive experience, allowing users to engage with diverse narratives and interactive elements in unprecedented ways, offering an extraordinary new way to enjoy culture and entertainment through its limitless potential for varied expression.

The World Castle Association (WCA) is a global network of castles committed to raising awareness of cultural heritage, especially castles, and promoting the protection and research of castle-related cultural heritage.

A member of the World Castle Association, the Zhangbi Fortress, is located in Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province, China. Boasting a rich history and culture spanning over 1,600 years, it is a melting pot of various cultural elements, including ancient architecture, folklore, Chinese astronomy, and Buddhism and Taoism.

This strategic partnership aims to establish an international exchange platform, harnessing the cultural tourism resources of Zhangbi Fortress in tandem with Innomix's innovative "Content + Technology" solutions, to foster the exploration and preservation of the "digital essence" of Zhangbi Fortress, while advancing the global exchange of China's profound ancient culture and heritage.

The WCA endeavors to expand international exchanges on cultural heritage preservation and inheritance, propelling innovative advancements in the global castle culture and tourism sector. This effort leverages the enhanced LBMR "Multi-dimensional Narrative" approach exemplified by Zhangbi Fortress as a compelling case study. Additionally, it aims to establish deep cooperation with global castle members to collaboratively develop immersive LBMR cultural experiences, rejuvenating cultural heritage and presenting it in innovative ways.