Innomix Ushers in a New Age of LBMR Immersive Experiences

2024/5/24 15:11:28

Bringing the First Global Cross-Disciplinary Immersive Entertainment Product

BEIJING, May 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a strategic move to enhance its international market presence, Innomix is developing and producing a Location-Based Mixed Reality (LBMR) experience product based on the iconic Chinese cultural IP, "Poetic Dance: The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting." Building on Innomix's substantial involvement in the World Castle Association (WCA) project, this collaboration marks the creation of the world's first immersive entertainment product that seamlessly blends fine arts, performing arts, and technology.

LBMR, which delivers a large-scale, multiplayer, full-sensory virtual reality experience, represents a significant advancement over traditional LBVR (Location-based Virtual Reality). Since its debut, LBMR has made impressive technological strides, surpassing existing LBVR offerings in both interactivity and immersive quality. Its exceptional interactive capabilities and immersive nature have demonstrated immense market potential and substantial opportunities for new applications across multiple sectors.

The rise of immersive consumption highlights a shift in lifestyle preferences, particularly among younger, tech-savvy generations. These consumers increasingly seek distinctive, interactive experiences that cater to their desire for individuality and offer enhanced engagement and personalization. The demand for platforms that provide a deeper sense of identity and participatory consumption is growing, reshaping how companies approach the creation and delivery of digital experiences.

LBMR is pushing the boundaries of how technology and cultural content converge to enhance consumer interaction with historical and cultural narratives. The advanced platform offers users a dynamic and intuitive way to explore and engage with cultural heritage, uncovering layers of history in an immersive setting.

Jointly curated by the Palace Museum, China Oriental Performing Arts Group, and, "Poetic Dance: The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting", a show inspired by the transcendent masterpiece A Panorama of Mountains and Rivers, has traveled to 62 cities since its debut in 2021, amassing an impressive record of 500 performances.

Innomix's Head for international operations Shanelle Yuan remarked that the Asian market is exceptionally vibrant in the realm of social entertainment, contrasting with the European and American markets. The remarkable success of the French VR content brand Excurio in China highlights the current market's core focus but also serves as a beacon for companies like Innomix, which prides itself on a unique blend of technology and content. Innomix is poised to expand the boundaries of immersive experiences, utilizing LBMR technology to craft expansive and unbounded environments that offer a new paradigm in entertainment, blending the virtual with the visceral.