Tech and Service Innovations Drive the Future of Travel at Airline Global Conference

2024/5/29 20:10:19

SHANGHAI, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- With a full recovery within view, the global aviation industry is now navigating toward the future amid evolving traveller preferences, new technological developments, and emerging business models. On 29 May, leading one-stop travel service provider hosted its second Airline Global Conference in Shanghai, with more than 170 representatives from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), airlines, airports, and tech companies from more than 40 countries in attendance to discuss the state of the industry and the next chapter of growth.

During the conference, spotlighted its ongoing efforts in fields like artificial intelligence and product innovation, and discussed with its global partners on a range of topics including next-generation technology and customer-centric solutions.

Streamlining Flights with New Technology

In his keynote speech "Technology Drives Future Travel", Mr Xing Xiong, COO of Group explored the pivotal challenges currently facing the travel industry and demonstrated how technological innovations would offer a clear pathway ahead.

"The recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are truly eye-opening and are already bringing changes to the travel industry that are previously unthought of," said Mr Xiong. " Group has been implementing AI technology in all aspects, ranging from travel planning and customer service to software development and business solutions."

In his speech, Mr Xiong highlighted FlightAI, a data visualisation platform for aviation market insights, as an example of Group's value-added service to its partners. With more than 3,500 registered users from airlines and airports, FlightAI integrates various data sources to create easy-to-understand dashboards to help airlines and airports monitor emerging trends and adjust strategies based on informed analyses.

Having recently joined the IATA Strategic Partner programme, has also been transforming the entire booking and travel experience by being the first OTA working with IATA and industry partners on the end-to-end digital identity proof of concept. In October 2023, participated in the successful test for the first fully integrated digital identity travel experience, from shopping for flights to arrival, on a journey from London to Rome. This ongoing initiative by IATA aims to provide a fully digital and seamless travel experience for travellers secured with biometric identification.

Looking toward the future, embraces technology that is driving next-generation retailing in aviation and travel. As Generation-Z travellers crave interaction and instant responses, has been making its UX design more intuitive and informative. Its vibrant content marketing ecosystem, including its signature BOSS Live livestream sessions, has enhanced the engagement between partners and travellers and has brought more attractive and cost-effective options to consumers.

Moreover,'s in-app AI travel assistant TripGenie has helped to streamline the air ticket booking process by providing flight recommendations and booking options. Leveraging large language model technologies, TripGenie creates personalised itineraries based on user queries and can direct users to book directly when prompted. TripGenie will soon support shared editing and real-time alerts, and it will continue to revolutionise travel planning and booking and redefining the user experience.

"We are excited to hear how our industry partners are putting innovation into practice in all aspects at the Airline Global Conference," said Mr Stephan Copart, Head of Digital Transformation at IATA. "From business solutions to customer engagement, exciting opportunities await in the future of aviation as we work together."

"We greatly appreciate the Airline Global Conference for highlighting the current and future advancements in travel technology," said Mr Sam Abdou, Executive Vice President, Global OTA, Airline Distribution & IT Sales, Amadeus IT Group. "Amadeus shares's vision and we have been collaborating to create an end-to-end experience for the traveller by delivering solutions that inspire innovation, partnerships, and value creation."

Customer Satisfaction as the Cornerstone of Innovation

Technological innovation does not replace the emphasis on the human touch; rather, it holds the promise to enhance customer satisfaction. In his fireside chat, Mr Yudong Tan, CEO of Flight Business Group, Group, discussed how the company has been using its tech capabilities to empower its products.

"Technological progress has allowed us to expand our product offerings to satisfy our customers' evolving demands," said Mr Tan. "Whether it's providing virtual interlining for long-haul flights or offering more premium cabin choices with rich content, we have developed rapidly in recent years to take care of the needs of our diverse customer base."

With customers expecting more personalised service, has introduced a wide range of products and functions catering to their needs. For example, customers can easily choose from various upsell options provided by the Trip Agency Fare Family, such as flexible change and cancellation, airline award miles and benefits, and ancillary product bundles. For customers who wish to change their itineraries but cannot find a suitable alternative flight on the same day, offers the "cancel to rebook" option for other flights on nearby dates, which is much more efficient and potentially more cost-effective than the traditional revalidation and reissue processes.

"Through its all-in-one platform, creates synergy across business lines through innovative cross-selling, thus enhancing the travel experience as tourists connect their flights with hotel stays, car rentals, experiences and more," said Mr Schubert Lou, COO of, in his keynote titled "Evolution and Growth: Innovating for Competitive Edge". "Besides,getting ahead of the latest trends is important as tourists increasingly seek unique experiences on their travel."'s world-class customer service has further ensured 24/7 support for its global travellers. Since 2014,'s Customer Support Centre has expanded to 16 global customer support centres worldwide, with service support provided in 20 languages across 13 product lines. In particular, its AI system has helped optimise response efficiency and resolve the majority of inquiries. For example, the self-service submission rate for flight change has doubled to more than 80%, with an automated processing rate of 80%.

Meanwhile, the human teams have been able to tackle the more intricate issues, enhancing the overall customer experience. Additionally, has taken proactive measures to support customers who may be impacted by unexpected events worldwide. The forecast accuracy rate has reached an impressive 80%, enabling to provide timely and effective support to its valued customers.

"In today's world, integrating our infrastructure digitally through the use of big data, biometrics, and IoT is essential to enhancing the passenger experience in our airport business," said Mr Gokhan Dolek, Aviation Development Manager of Istanbul Airport. "We were glad to share our experience at the Airline Global Conference and engage in discussions about how to better serve our travellers."

With its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, is poised to scale new heights in the aviation industry, working closely with its partners to shape the future of flight and bring about a new era of air travel.

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